2013. április 18., csütörtök

The last destruction

Okay fuckers, if you are from Budapest, Hungary, or somewhere near, and happen to like our noise, this is the last time you can see us on stage (at least for a while, some years definitely). So be sure to come and have a night of madness, violence, alcohol, filth, blood and everything you love so much. Or die. Your choice.

2013. március 16., szombat

Thank you, good night!

Okay folks, I'm not gonna be long on this. On our mutual agreement we put the band to sleep. We're not going to murder our sweetest child, just letting it sleep for an undefined time. It was an amazing 6 years, with lots of fun, great gigs, golden memories. Thank you for each and every one of you, who came to the shows, listened our records, or just had a drink with us on the road. Maybe some time in the future Harvester will wake up. You never know! But as of now, this was it.

The members continue their musical careers, so be sure to check out all these bands:

Bass player Ödön goes on with solid post metal/sludge monsters Torn From Earth and keeps some of the true Harvester spirit in his "crust" band The Molnár'z.

Singer Srég ventures deep into black metal with major pagan black metal horde Bornholm.

Drummer Dösi kicks some balls with heavy/thrash metallers Fregath and southern rock/rockabilly trio Mi Voltunk Azok. And he's got some things taking shape in a form of an old-school gore-grind band, I'll post if anything happens to that!

And finally, guitarist Gábor, singer Srég and drummer Dösi still stick together under the name Terraformer Deluxe to deliver some ass-kicking music inspired by 90's death metal, stoner rock, grindcore and hardcore, with brutality but lots of catchy melodies too.

I'll keep the Harvester links alive, so tell your friends to download our albums otherwise they will fucking rot in hell:)

See you around!


2012. szeptember 4., kedd

Waking up from the coma

Allright this is a quick note to anyone out there who is interested in us (if there is any). We decided to take a summer break, that's why there was this long silence. Than we will see. We have ONLY this gig for this year so far:

We see this as a kind of return, a challenge, to see if we can do anything with this band at all. We are broke, getting old, fat, lazy, with families, problems of various kinds, BUT still we can't go on for long without some good ole grind. We will be fucking back. Expect more gigs and new material. And don't expect anything at all.  

...and all of the albums are back uploaded again. Fucking shit free host sites. 

2012. május 30., szerda


Allright cats, after a long-long time, the much-awaited video for KAPAR is ready! Thanks to all our friends at Groundhangok, Varga Zorán Photo, SONIC VISUALS TEAM, R33 and to the beautiful modells, Natasha Simon and Orsolya Csizmár!!

Share the love, let the axe fall!

Oh, and by the way I re-upped all the albums, so scroll the fuck down and download those bastards!!

Oh, and one more thing: 11.07.2012 we will open for the legendary CEPHALIC CARNAGE in Budapest. Life is good here.

2012. február 22., szerda

Video shooting and things

We have some really kind friends. And when I mean really kind, I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY kind son of a bitches. They decided to shoot us a pro video for the song "Kapar" which you can find on our latest record, "Merdre!" (If you don't happen to know the song, scroll down and download that. Now. I said NOW!). The work began last weekend and here is a teaser. Enjoy it, share it, leave comments, drink blood.

2012. január 3., kedd


So dear all, here is our 2011 effort: Merdre! It was recorded in our beloved city of Eger, with dearest friends at Standing Waves Studio, you know, the dudes from Kommuna.org, who do this brilliant music. Recorded and mixed by Péter Sohajda. We had a superb weekend for partying in the gloomy pubs of Eger, as the whole recording process was basically completed in one and a half day, unintendedly.

Line-up for Merdre! :

Ádám Dechatel - drums
Bertalan Csala - vocals
Gábor Kronome - guitars
Ödön Sultz - bass

Guest musicians:

Péter Sohajda: piano
Zsolt Macsinka: spoken word

2011. április 30., szombat

We Are The Nottebohm Case e.p. - 2010

Recorded in August 2010 at Noise Lab Studio, Budapest. After finding the two most suitable human beings on earth to play together with (Gábor has previously played in thrash-death outfit Vorago and technical death metal band Lion For Lambs, Ödön has previously been part of the unique instrumental noise-grunge-sludge rock band Vostok Room), we carried on. This is the result, and there is more to come... 

Line-up for We Are The Nottebohm Case:

Adam Dechatel - drums
Bertalan Csala - vocals
Gábor Kronome - guitars
Ödön Sultz - bass

Guest musicians:

Gábor Knap - backing vocals and harmonica
Péter Sain - backing vocals


1. Overture
2. Gallows
3. Rifle Pit
4. Apu, NE!
5. Ad Hominem
6. Cudi Purci Festival
7. Clockwork Lullaby
8. Euphoria In Sadness
9. Igen
12. Ehnahre - Sleepwalking in concrete shoes